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The Answers You Need

What is raw unprocessed virgin hair?

Hair that has not been treated with heat or chemicals in any way. Simply stated Un-touched hair.

What is remy hair?

Hair collected from a single donor, with the cuticles still intact. The hair cuticles are aligned and going in the same direction. This promotes healthy, shiny, long-lasting high quality hair.

Where does hair extensions come from?

Our hair here at CokoRed  comes directly from the temples of India, donated by the natives of the land. 

How long does hair extensions last?

CokoRed hair lasts for years.

How many bundles of hair do I need?

We suggest 2 bundles for lengths 8"-12", 3 bundles for lengths 14"-20", and 4 bundles for lengths 22"-30" for a full look.

What color are hair extensions?

CokoRed hair is natural colors ranging from black to brown (1-4).

Can hair be bleached?

Yes, CokoRed hair can be bleached.

Can hair be dyed?

Yes, CokoRed hair can be dyed; CokoRed hair can be dyed darker or bleached and colored lighter.

Can hair be permed?

Yes, CokoRed hair can be permed.

Can hair be curled.

Yes, CokoRed hair can be curled, pressed, rolled, straighten, etc. using any method.

How long does curls last?

Curls in CokoRed hair lasts about two weeks.

How often should I wash my hair extensions?

We suggest co-washing CokoRed before installing and any time hair feels greasy or heavy.

What is co-washing?

Washing hair with conditioner only.

Can I wash my hair extension while they're in my head?

Yes, you can wash hair extension while they're still in your head. Make sure you are properly caring for your natural hair underneath and allowing it to full dry.

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